Spring is Here!

17 Mar 2024

Spring is here which means melting snow and rain! Doesn’t that sound enticing, NOT!


Spring into action with these flooding prevention tips!

Clean your Gutters, Downspouts & Window Wells:
Make sure to clear the debris that has built up in your gutters, downspouts and window wells, clearing a path for the water to drain to the street or away from your house is ideal.

Sump Pump:
If you have a sump pump, ensure to test it regularly, making sure you have a battery or back-up power source just in case your power goes out during storms. If you do not have a sump pump it may be worthwhile installing one if you have excess water in your basement to prevent flooding.

Back Flow Water Valve:
In addition to a sump pump, installing a back-flow water valve will also prevent flooding caused by sewer back-ups. I mean, just imagine how gross that could be if your home was flooded by the city sewer!

Storm Drains:
If you still have snow built up at the storm drains on the street in front of your house, you may want to clear a path for drainage from your house and to prevent pooling.

Keep Trees Around House Trimmed/Pruned:
Make sure to keep trees near your home trimmed or pruned so the long branches don’t ruin your roof and result in leaks. A leaky roof can cause significant damage. If it’s a city tree, you can submit a claim via 411 and they will come to trim or prune the tree for you.

If you have had flooding in the past and haven’t fixed the problem areas, be cautious because it will most likely leak from that same area again. You could try and seal the visible cracks or gaps on the exterior walls and foundation of your home, but it’s worth a shot. You may ultimately need a professional to come have a look at the larger issues.

HERE is a Northbridge article for more tips on how to prevent flood damage!

Spring post

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