20 Mar 2023

Spring is here and as warm weather days start creeping into our forecast, it is important to insure proper drainage of the melting snow around your home.


Here are some flooding prevention tips;

πŸ’§ Make sure to clear the snow around the bottom of your eavestroughs as well as the debris that has built up in your gutters, clearing a path for the water to drain to the street or away from your house.

πŸ’§ If you have a sump pump it is worth while to make sure to test it regularly insuring you have a battery or back-up power source just in case your power goes out during storms.

πŸ’§ In addition to a sump pump, installing a back-flow water valve will also prevent flooding caused by sewer back-ups.

πŸ’§ Clearing the snow from the storm drains in front of your house will provide a clear path for drainage from your house and prevent pooling.

For more information on how to prevent flooding in your home, check out this article from economical Insurance!


If your house has flooded despite your best prevention efforts, it can be very expensive to repair water damage without insurance coverage.

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